Longmont Voters Not in Favor of Funding a Competitive Pool and Ice Rink

Big Waves Board Members, Vaughn Bigelow and Joseph Perrotto, met with Mayor Brian Bagley on April 9th of this year to express their support for a Competitive Pool to be funded by a combination of $45.5 million dollar Revenue Bond and .18% Sales and Use Tax.  Both Bigelow and Perrotto further presented their support to the Longmont City Council members on both the evenings of April 9, 2019 and  May 7, 2019.  Based a high amount of public support at both meetings, Magellan Strategies was contracted thereafter by the City of Longmont to conduct a poll involving 300 Longmont residents between April 24-25, 2019 in order to gauge the public’s interest in the development of a pool/ice rink at a to be determined location within Longmont.  The survey came back with 55% of the residents polled who were in favor of such a facility.  Longmont City Council then voted in favor of placing this as a ballot item to be voted on in the November 5, 2019 election.  Unfortunately, voters chose not to vote in favor of a competitive pool/ice rink as it was defeated by a margin of 28%.  This is certainly a set back but not a complete defeat!  The City of Broomfield continues to move forward with the development of their own aquatics center which is both water polo friendly and expected to be up and running by the Summer of 2020.  Big Waves will continue to move forward with pushing Longmont as well as other Colorado municipalities to build pools to accommodate the sport of Water Polo.  Stay tuned!

Saving 102 lives

Another successful blood drive in the Chicago suburbs was able to collect 34 units of blood which has the potential to save 102 lives! Thank you Lisa Rosenfeld for organizing for Big Waves! Thank you to American Red Cross for collecting the blood!

Only 7 spots left!

There are only 7 hole sponsorships left for our inaugural Big Waves Golf Tournament. Surf over to the golf event page for more information.

Big Waves thanks Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder and Volkswagen Lakewood for being our presenting sponsors.

Need a new minivan? Big Waves loves the Toyota Sienna!

Need a little farfegnugen in your life? Big Waves recommends the Jetta for new drivers.

Rocky Top Middle School brings an incredible gift.

Cooper accepting the donation on behalf of Big Waves.

Administration and counseling teams from the Rocky Top Middle School came to Big Waves Foundation today with an amazing gift. Inside, was half the proceeds from the Grizzlies Give Back fundraiser this past Spring. We are fortunate to have the support of our local middle school community. Big Waves is grateful to RTMS for their generosity.

Chicago Blood Drive Huge Success

Today Big Waves held a blood drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross. 56 pints were donated which can save up to 168 people!

Meghan and Asa were saved with over 40 units of blood last June. Because of individuals willing to donate blood, they are both with us today.

Big Waves would like to thank Lisa Rosenfeld in organizing the Chicago Blood Drive today. Thank you also all the volunteers, donators, and the American Red Cross.

Awesome donors as well as our fantastic coordinator.
Donors having fun while helping others!

96 individuals can be saved!

Big Waves held its first blood drive on May 7th at The Ranch Country Club with the help of Bonfils. With the help of donors, 32 pints of blood were collected which can save the lives of up to 96 individuals. Thank you to Bonfils, The Ranch Country Club, and all of the wonderful people that can to donate blood!

A few of our awesome board members!
Our own local singing celebrity Kayla Ruby! Amazing donor water polo moms.

Grizzlies Give Back Partners with Big Waves

Rocky Top Middle School started a fundraiser 8 years ago to support Grizzly families in need. The fundraiser is called Grizzlies Give Back. This year’s proceeds from Grizzlies Give Back are going to Big Waves Foundation. Vaughn Jr. loved being a Grizzly. You can watch the video to learn how to support Rocky Top and Big Waves!

Fox 31 news interviewed the amazing Chelsea Behanna, principal of Rocky Top. Here is the interview.