About Us

Big Waves Foundation is a non-profit organization with an unquenchable drive to address two important initiatives:

  1. Enrich the lives of kids through the sport of water polo, including, but not limited to, encouraging school districts to include water polo as a school-sponsored program and providing collegiate scholarships to deserving athletes.
  2. Advocate for gun sensibility by encouraging honest, respectful conversations within our families, communities, and government agencies to implement collaborative, common-ground measures to eliminate the tragic outcomes associated with gun violence.  The problem is real; the time is now.

These two initiatives appear mutually exclusive.  However, in a broad sense, we suggest the intersection highlights overall wellness.  In particular, mental and emotional health.

Here, at Big Waves, we are working to create a sizable splash in the lives of many people. Wanna jump in with us?  Together, we can create a ripple of positivity!