About Us

Big Waves Foundation is a non-profit organization with an unquenchable drive to address two important initiatives:

  1. Enrich the lives of kids through the sport of water polo, including, but not limited to, encouraging school districts to include water polo as a school-sponsored program and providing collegiate scholarships to deserving athletes.
  2. Advocate for gun sensibility by encouraging honest, respectful conversations within our families, communities, and government agencies to implement collaborative, common-ground measures to eliminate the tragic outcomes associated with gun violence.  The problem is real; the time is now.

These two initiatives appear mutually exclusive.  However, in a broad sense, we suggest the intersection highlights overall wellness.  In particular, mental and emotional health.

Here, at Big Waves, we are working to create a sizable splash in the lives of many people. Wanna jump in with us?  Together, we can create a ripple of positivity!

Current Tides

Only 7 spots left!

There are only 7 hole sponsorships left for our inaugural Big Waves Golf Tournament. Surf over to the golf event page for more information. Big Waves thanks Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder and Volkswagen Lakewood for being our presenting sponsors. Need a little farfegnugen in your life? Big Waves recommends the Jetta for new drivers.


Big Waves will host both community and fundraising events each year. There will be blood drives coast to coast. The fundraising events will be as fun as splashing in the ocean waves on a hot summer day. Those will include the Big Waves Golf Tournament and the Big Waves 5k.

There are no upcoming events.

Water Polo

Big Waves is dedicated to growing water polo through scholarships, education, and high school teams.

Water polo has the unique ability to help young athletes develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, patience, persistence and handling loss and disappointment in a healthy manner. Have you tried to tread in water for 30 minutes? It’s incredibly challenging and for youth with a little extra energy to expel, water polo can be a great outlet.

Water polo is a sport played by the quickest, stongest, smartest and best conditioned athletes. The players in the pool consist of 6 field players and a goalie. The object of the game is not only to keep one’s head above water while the opponent is trying to drown you, but also to shoot the ball past the goalie to score one point. Imagine a combination of soccer, basketball, and hockey in a pool. Referees enforce rules seen above the water. However, below the surface looks like piranhas enjoying a snack.

Vaughn Bigelow Jr. Scholarship

Vaughn Jr. loved the constant energy of playing water polo.

The foundation established this scholarship in Vaughn Jr.’s memory in 2019.  Vaughn Jr. tragically lost his life in 2018 just shy of his 14thbirthday.  

Vaughn was a competitive swimmer and loved playing water polo for the Rocky Mountain Neptunes. He was part of the Olympic Development Program representing the mountain zone team at Nationals. In addition to Vaughn’s many accomplishments in and out of the pool, he had the desire to give back to others. This scholarship helps realize that desire.

The above are the criteria and process of applying for the scholarship. The scholarship will be given to a well rounded student who exemplifies the characteristics of Vaughn Jr.

Please complete the above application to be considered for the Vaughn Bigelow Jr. Scholarship. Big Waves will accept applications through April 30.